Assistant AG acknowledges destroying casino notes — Arizona Capitol Times

An assistant attorney general has admitted he deliberately destroyed notes of meetings with representatives of tribes trying to undermine the Tohono O’odham casino in Glendale.

In depositions obtained by Capitol Media Services, Roger Banan said he was sent to those meetings by Daniel Bergin, director of the state Department of Gaming. Bergin has been opposed to the Tohono O’odham opening the casino at all. And now that it’s open, he is trying to block full-scale casino gaming there.

Banan said he was tasked with meeting with other area tribes who, for their own reasons, are opposed to the Glendale casino. And he said those tribal representatives presented a variety of ideas of what Bergin should do to kill the Tohono O’odham casino.

Attorneys for the Tohono O’odham asked him for the notes to find out whether Bergin, who subsequently made several moves against the tribe, was being influenced by the other tribes who, as competitors, would want to block the casino.

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