Council agrees to negotiate with Tohono O’odham Nation — Glendale Star

After nearly five years of discussions, legal fights and arguments, Glendale City Council came to a 4-3 consensus to begin negotiations with the Tohono O’odham Nation in regards to a possible casino in Glendale.

Councilmembers Samuel Chavira, Ian Hugh, Norma Alvarez and Gary Sherwood each agreed to negotiate with the Tohono O’odham on the casino. Mayor Jerry Weiers, Vice Mayor Yvonne Knaack and Councilmember Manny Martinez were against negotiations.

“While we are waiting for the courts to make a final decision, we are currently in a holding pattern and we want to know what direction to take from the council,” said City Attorney Michael Bailey.

“I would like to move forward and I would like to transition from fact-finding to negotiations, to make the best of this situation,” said Chavira. “I also want the city to appose HR 1410. If that goes through, then everything we have done will be in vain.”

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