Editorial: Drama continues for West Valley casino — Glendale Star

In what appears to be the never-ending saga of the West Valley casino, otherwise known as Desert Diamond Casino-West Valley, once again, the courts are being called upon to make a decision on the venture by the Tohono O’odham Nation, a venture, we might add, that was made public in 2009.

Surely, one opines, this must end before the year 2025. One should add the observation that 2025 is only nine years away. But, by that time, for many of us, we will be retired or dead, and we want answers now.

Both sides of this dispute over whether the Nation should be able to open a Class III casino on its reservation land at 95th and Northern avenues have been inside one courtroom or another over the past six years.

The City of Glendale dropped its objection to the casino Aug. 7, 2014, after five years of fighting its construction. An agreement was signed by both parties Aug. 12 at a city council meeting.

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