Glendale’s lax contract oversight lets millions slip past council — Arizona Republic

Glendale has spent millions of dollars on private contracts that didn’t always go to public bid and didn’t receive City Council oversight.

In one case, The Arizona Republic found a consultant was paid $125,000 with no contract on file, and other consultants were allowed to write their own contracts.

The lack of oversight on outside spending persisted even as Glendale’s elected leaders raised taxes and continued to cut spending to overcome deep budget deficits.

The problems stem from a decentralized contracting system and loopholes in city policy. The city spent more than $35 million on private contracts in just more than two years that never made it to the council.

Glendale’s use of contractors came under review after an audit last year questioned whether a high-priced consulting contract with a former city administrator was in the city’s best interest.

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