Judge rejects state bid for some documents in fight against W.V. casino project — Sun City Daily News-Sun

PHOENIX — A federal judge has slapped down much of the effort by the state to force the Tohono O’odham Nation to produce more documents in Arizona’s fight to stop the tribe from opening a new casino near Glendale.

In a broad-based order, U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell rejected several demands by the Attorney General’s Office for more disclosure from the tribe. The judge said some of the state’s requests were overly broad while others were outright “overly burdensome.”

But the judge said the state is entitled to some information the tribe did not want to cough up, including audited financial statements and estimates of what the Tohono O’odham could earn from the project if casino-style gaming is prohibited.

The effort by the state to demand more documents comes as the tribe has asked Campbell to rule that Arizona has no legal right to block the tribe from opening its proposed casino as scheduled later this year despite.

Attorneys for the state insist they need the information for a hearing set for September. But Campbell said much of what the state insists it needs is unnecessary, at least at this point.

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