Major construction set to start on W. Valley casino project — Sun City Daily News-Sun

Major construction work is set to begin on a new $400 million resort and casino – the West Valley’s first such venture.

Officials with the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise announced Wednesday that preliminary site work is complete on the project’s first phase and that a team of contractors, led by Hunt Construction Group and PENTA Building Group, is ready to begin building the initial structure. That venue, which will take no more than 12 months to finish, will house gaming areas and two restaurants, serving as the casino while builders put up the main gaming area. The permanent facility should be up by early 2016.

“There’ll be gambling there this time next year,” said Glendale Councilman Ian Hugh, one of the project’s supporters.

“It’s exciting to see something finally going on there,” added Councilman Gary Sherwood.

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