Press Release — Statement from the Tohono O’odham Nation on the State of Arizona’s Proposed Gaming Compact Amendments

SELLS, Ariz. – The Tohono O’odham Nation was made aware of the state’s request for compact amendments just last week and has not been a part of this process. The lack of communication on this important issue is a concern, but the Nation has said repeatedly that it is committed to moving forward. The Nation stands ready to consider compact amendment language that would resolve the outstanding litigation, including the Class III issue at its West Valley facility, and includes language regarding no new casinos in the Phoenix area during the current Compact.

For over two decades, Arizona gaming tribes have remained unified through the Arizona Indian Gaming Association (AIGA).  AIGA plays an important role in ensuring fairness and protecting all Arizona tribes and the Nation looks forward to considering any proposed compact amendment under the AIGA framework to ensure that continued fairness amongst all Arizona tribes.

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