Secret meetings, destroyed notes in West Valley casino dispute — Arizona Republic

Months before the Tohono O’odham Nation opened its controversial casino near Glendale in December, lawyers and lobbyists representing the state and two rival Indian communities held confidential meetings about ways to stop it, according to depositions released Wednesday.

No known records from those gatherings exist. Assistant Attorney General Roger Banan, who represented the Arizona Department of Gaming at the meetings, destroyed his “brief” notes — “less than half a page,” he said during a deposition — after he updated department Director Daniel Bergin.

“They were of no further use,” Banan said.

The Tohono O’odham Nation wants the U.S. District Court to sanction Bergin because his lawyer should have preserved the documents as potential evidence in an impending lawsuit. The destruction of the notes “deprived the Nation” of a record of what occurred, according to court documents.

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