West Valley Resort and Casino construction begins in earnest — Glendale Star

The steel and concrete has been ordered. The Tohono O’odham Nation is anxious to begin the gaming business as quickly as possible, considering it has waited six years through litigation and congressional hearings, and has spent millions of dollars in the process.

It all began in January 2009 with the announcement the Nation owned the land and planned to build a resort and casino on property at 95th and Northern avenues. The Nation did not initially receive support from City of Glendale officials, who claimed the property was inside its municipal boundaries. The courts ruled otherwise except for a small strip of land jutting southward from Northern.

Other tribal communities in the Valley took the Nation to court, alleging Tohono O’odham had broken the compact approved by Arizona voters in 2002.

Again, the courts ruled in the Nation’s favor.

It has been a roller coaster ride for both sides, but now the Nation is ready to start building its basic structures. This time, it proceeds with Glendale City Council approval.

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